Sunday, February 26, 2012


I'll admit that I'm a huge pen snob (among other things).  I like nice pens.  I can't stand the idea of writing with a cheap ballpoint stick pen, and my hand cramps at the thought of slick or shiny pens.  I have several very nice pens, two of them being fountain pens--the dip in ink kind--and a couple nicer pens that I really enjoy using.

One of my most favorite pens, a Retro 51 Cherry Blossom/Washington Monument pen, recently ran out of ink.  The place where I used to purchase ink refills no longer carries that brand.  Sad day!  I wasn't up to buying bulk quantities online, nor did I really want to pay $5 shipping for a $5 item.  The nearest place to get Retro 51 cartridges is over a hundred miles away.  I popped the spent cartridge out and went to the nearest office supply store, stood in the pen refill section for ten minutes comparing what I had with potential replacements, and struggled to find something, anything, that might work.  Parker Quink came to the rescue for me.  I once again have a fantastic and very comfortable pen with really good dark black ink in it.

I also loaded up my Parker Sonnet fountain pen recently and started using it at work.  I can't wait to write things down now.  I have more little notes and thoughts stuck all over my monitor, my bulletin board, my calendar... it's insanity trying to sort through the lists.  While some people use their fancy phones to make their shopping lists, I'm scrambling around trying to remember where I left my favorite pens.

When I can't have my special pens, I generally opt for rollerball pens.  Uniball 207 RT Signo pens are a great cheaper option.  The ink never fails me.  It doesn't smear like many of the other rollerballs, and it's easier to use than a standard ballpoint pen for me.  The cushy grip helps with my tendency to want to squeeze the ink/lead right out of my writing instrument (bad habit formed very young).  And the Signo ink helps prevent check fraud, so that's a bonus.  This is an unpaid testimony for the Signo pen, by the way, since I really do love them.

My most special pen is the one my father made for me.  He turns pens, so I have a matching fountain pen and letter opener set in a stunning emerald green with gold accents.  It can take ink cartridges or use a converter.  Master craftsmanship and attention to detail on that pen, lemme tell ya.

It just feels nice to have a great pen, and I'm glad my Retro 51 pen is back with me.  Loving the Quink, too!

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Ryan said...

Nice! I found your blog from "random questions" and I happen to love pens too. I carry disposable "Varsity" fountain pens by Pilot most of the time. I also have some old pens from the 1920's that rest in a marble base. For any of my refillable pens I use Noodler's Bulletproof Ink. It is nice and dark, and it reacts with the paper to form a permanent ink immediately. I recommend it, and once again yeah, not a paid testimony, I just like the product. My dream pen is the Namikki Vanishing Point, check it out. I don't have a blog but my wife's is called Dash It All, and I only mention because I think you might like it. Great post