Thursday, February 23, 2012

Review: Being Elmo

My usual Wednesday night movie night with a friend was incredibly special last night.  We watched "Being Elmo, A Puppeteer's Journey" on Netflix.  The show is a biography about the man that voices the Sesame Street character Elmo.  His life is fascinating, and his story was really fun to see evolve.  My face actually hurt at the end from smiling so much throughout the 80-odd minutes.  I've always love the idea of puppets, and to watch a man create different characters was absolutely stunning.  He makes his characters come alive.  The suspension of reality is complete even though he doesn't do any form of ventriloquism.

Also, who doesn't love Elmo?

If you want a very happy evening, snuggle in with this movie.  You can't possibly regret it.

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