Thursday, February 02, 2012

Watch Out!

The Man has been on the hunt for a watch for several months now.  His old watch, a Fossil brand watch, lasted him several years with a couple new batteries.  However, the crystal has been scratched, and the watch keeps the time but not the date.  He has tried everything under the sun to get the watch to function correctly including taking it to a Fossil retailer for his batteries and repair.  No luck.  His watch is no longer stocked, so they can't simply give him a different one, and, of course, they aren't willing to give him something nicer than the one he has.

We visited several watch shops and stores over the last few months, everything from Timex cheapies at Fred Meyer and Bi-Mart to the counters at Harry Ritchies and online.  The Man and I run into a trend that doesn't exactly work for us: we both have small wrists, but most watches these days are the size of wall clocks!  If you don't believe me, pop into any department store and look at the two-inch-plus dials on some of these things.  Honkin' tickers, I tell ya.

This last weekend, The Man determined he'd be buying himself a little gift for having finally achieved the job he set out for after he got his master's degree.  He's titled, initials after his name, the works.  And a watch seemed to be a fitting gift.  Classy, dressy, and timely.  (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

We spied some beautiful watches at the JC Penney counter that were shockingly normal-sized.  They were tasteful and handsome watches that I could see The Man fall in love with instantly.  He was completely smitten with one watch in particular, but the price was bound to be sky-high.  A very friendly lady behind the counter told us the price, a modest $250 for the same watch we'd just seen previously for $350 in another store.  He said he'd think about it, and we walked away.  His eyes were so sad.  He found a watch he absolutely loved, but he just didn't want to spend that much on himself.  Knowing that this was a gift for a special occasion and replaced a broken watch, I agreed that he should have the watch he really wanted (especially since it was a screaming sale).

You should have seen the giddiness pour out of him as we walked back over to the watch counter!

The Man got a Citizen Eco-Drive watch that is powered by light, both indoor and outdoor light.  The titanium band is super lightweight, too.  We won't ever have to swap out the batteries, and he'll probably tire of the look before the watch ever gives out.  If watch batteries are $25 each (for nice watches, not Timex cheapies), even replacing one battery every year for ten years has the watch paying for itself.  Not to mention how incredible it looks on his arm!

I am pretty sure this is the model he ended up getting.


cm0978 said...

Did he give you the big, sad puppy eyes? He perfected that when he was young. He could always wrap me around his little finger with that look....

Jaggy said...

Not the puppy eyes, but close. Those don't work on me apparently. The look of defeat, however... just don't tell him!

Courtney Snook said...

We bought my dad the most beautiful Citizen Eco-Drive watch for his birthday a few years ago, unfortunately he's a tradesman so he rarely wears it to work because he thinks it's too fragile! (titanium? crystal? doesn't seem fragile to me..)

Tippy said...

I bought my fiance a watch that is powered by movement. It has a type of pendulum inside that spins as you move which keeps the battery charged. I love the idea of your man's watch being powered by light! That is so cool!