Thursday, February 09, 2012

We Have The Crud

The fact that I'm sitting at a computer and typing coherent thoughts is a major improvement over the last few days.  The Man and I caught a bug this weekend that hit us hard on Monday.  We both made it to work Monday but quickly realized the day wasn't going to be as long as we'd planned.  I left at noon and promptly took up residence on the couch.  The Man followed me home shortly thereafter and made his way to bed.  Neither of us moved much on Tuesday, nor did we go to work on Wednesday.  We both managed to get to work today, though I didn't make it past noon.  We definitely have the flu complete with a horrible cough, stuffed noses, aches, and chills like you wouldn't believe.

We both commented that neither of us thinks we've ever been this sick before.

I had a fever over 100° for three days, and I'm not sure it's entirely gone yet.  I woke last night several times completely drenched in sweat, so I know that my body is working hard to fight off the nasty critters, but that doesn't make the whole experience any more enjoyable.

At least one of us has been able to get up and get the other more water or juice, a sort of silver lining in that we've been able to stagger our ickiest-feeling moments.  We mowed through two boxes of Kleenex before I realized where they'd gone.  I have been struggling to keep up with laundry since I've been having to change sheets and clothes so often.

Thanks to friends and family who sent love and offers of help to us while we were down.  We would have loved for someone to come over and clean and cook for us, but to enter our toxic swamp of plague was more than we could subject anyone to.

I imagine we'll both be at work tomorrow for the full day, but then we'll spend our weekend resting and generally not being exciting.  We do hope to be well enough Sunday to help my mom celebrate her birthday.

Not that I really want to spend two more whole days stuck in that apartment... being sick sucks.


cm0978 said...

I hope you are feeling MUCH better today. You two were sick for a long time. By the way, I invested heavily in Kleenex stock, so thanks for keeping the company solvent. ;)

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you both came down with the crud at the same time. Bummer! But we didn't get it, thankfully. Hope you feel better tomorrow!