Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Currently Loving

The snow.  It snowed in Oregon, fancy that, and during the first week of spring to boot.  I absolutely love the snow we had today since it was just slushy on the roads and not all scary icy like usual when it snows.  I'm sure people from colder climates are laughing at me relishing enough snow to make a solid footprint, but Oregon snow is much different from other snows.  Just trust me on that.

Benjamin Bratt.  I finished watching both seasons of The Cleaner online this week, plus a couple other movies of his recently.  He's also on Private Practice now which makes me incredibly happy.  I swallowed all four seasons in nine days in the middle of the winter, so now I'm hooked.  And that scene between Jake and Addison in the elevator?  Let's just say it's a rare moment when I go all girly mushy when watching TV, but that scene... I could get ready.

A tool.  I recently purchased a Leatherman Skeletool so that I finally have a knife, screwdriver, and pliars on my body when I'm at work.  So often I leave my box cutter in my office when I need it in the supply room, or I get asked to assemble something for someone and end up using a paperclip as a screwdriver and injure myself or something.  I looked at lots of options and finally settled on the Skeletool since it doesn't have lots of little things.  I just need the sharp cutty part, the grabber things, and a plus-minus bit.  No scissors, no toothpicks, no corkscrews.  Simple.  Lightweight.  And did you look at how sexy that knife is?  All the boys drool when I pull it out!

Sleep.  I am still not used to this time change crap, so I have been valuing sleep more lately than usual.  I love sleeping, and I am a good sleeper ordinarily, so it's a great thing when I can get enough.  Staying up late to watch Benjamin Bratt seems to get in the way of that this week...

It's a rough life when you have to trade one current love for another, but somehow, somehow I will push through the torture.  *watches elevator scene again

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Everyday Obscurity said...

Benjamin Bratt joined Private Practice? That almost makes me consider switching my loyalties from Grey's Anatomy... Who I am kidding though, Grey's has me hook, line, and sinker ;)