Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A Date to the Pops

The Man and I went out on a date.  A real date.  Like, dinner and a live performance kind of date.  Yeah.  Somewhere there are pigs flying.

The Man has been friends with the Severin Sisters since they were in grade school together (one of their husbands was also one of his groomsmen at our wedding, and they were two of our three musicians).  They contacted us Saturday afternoon to tell us they were performing at the Elsinore Theater in Salem that night as featured guests with the Salem Pops Orchestra.  If we wanted tickets, they'd leave two for us.  Hmm, free tickets to live music and an excuse to see friends?  We're in!

In the late afternoon, we changed into our non-jeans, which was a huge change for me and relatively uncommon for The Man.  Being Oregonians, "semi-formal" often translates to "clean, dark jeans."  We opted for no jeans on this adventure.  An excuse to dress up.  A chance to wash all of the jeans at once.

We left for Albany where we had (yet another) fantastic dinner at PizzAmore.  It's pretty much a guarantee that if we're going on a date, that's where we're going.  Completely stuffed, we hopped up to Salem where were circled most of downtown before finding a place to park.  We got the tickets at will call without incident, then we found seats very near our friends' parents in the fifth row.  That's right, we were so close that the speakers projected out over us.  Best seats possible.  I can't stand blaring loud music, and the orchestra wasn't even using microphones, so it was wonderful.

The sisters were the middle act, and they were awesome.  I was so happy to be able to see them perform again, especially with the backing of a full orchestra.  Fantastic!  The other featured artist was a vocalist that I won't name because I have a hard time finding nice things to say about her performance.  She had a sparkly dress.  The instrumental parts of the songs were very good...

(That's not very fair of me, is it?  I have to admit she had good tonality.  She just wasn't my type.  I think there's a fine line to walk when singing nightclub-style jazz, a fine line between classy sultry and ...not classy.  She wasn't distasteful, but a longer hemline would have done wonders for me.  If you're going to sing music from that era, have the right costuming and look, not some sequined minidress off the rack.  I expected more.)

The orchestra was pretty good.  They had a few incidents with timing issues and duets being less than sharp.  I'm hyper-critical since I was in instrumental groups for so many years, so it's hard for me to just sit there and enjoy without nitpicking.  With the right song line-up, I'd definitely go see them play again.

We had a great visit with our friends once they finished their set and were able to come down and talk.  Kind of nice being "with the band," or whatever it is that we were.  We talked with them until way too late, and then we had an hour drive home.  Exhausted.  And very happy we were able to go on a real date.  For once.

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