Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pop Goes the Washing Machine

The Man and I arrived home yesterday evening to find the carpet in our hallway damp.  At first I just thought he spilled a bit of water, but he didn't have water to drink when we got home, so I started investigating.  The water was coming out under the dryer in our laundry closet.  I'm not always a genius, but I did realize immediately that the dryer wasn't leaking--it had to be coming from the washing machine.  I stood on some towels to mop out the carpet the best I could, shut the water off at the wall, and started poking around for leaks.  I could hear dripping, but the inside of the machine looked dry to me.  All of the hoses were good.  The leak was coming from inside somewhere at about one drip per second.  We could have called the maintenance crew last night, but I put it off until this morning since a slow drip isn't an emergency.  Also, I generally put off having those guys in here as much as possible.

This morning I called and left a message with the pager service.  Yeah, it's not even a voice mail, it's an actual pager.  The maintenance guy showed up about a half-hour later to see how bad the leak was.  When he realized that I'd shut off the water at the wall and contained the mess so it didn't infiltrate the carpet, he relaxed considerably.  I told him everything I could figure out, and then he set to work diagnosing the problem.

Fifteen minutes later, he indicated that we had a blown seal on something, a blocked hose elsewhere, and no straps for something else.  Apparently my diagnosis of "the machine is broken, buy me a new one" wasn't correct.  Pssh.

I haven't started the machine again since I finished all of my laundry loads on Friday.  I'm a bit scared to find out that our maintenance crew may actually have fixed something correctly.

Say it isn't so!

I'll chalk that up to an Easter miracle if it is.

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cm0978 said...

Well, I guess the law of averages says that they have to be right "sometime" and you hit the correct day.