Monday, March 19, 2012


I'm a rewatcher.  I guess I've always been a rewatcher.  My husband is less of a rewatcher, though, so sometimes I have to cool it around him.

What's a rewatcher?  A rewatcher is someone who watches the same shows and movies over and over again.  Like Dirty Dancing and the fact that my sister can recite pretty much the entire movie word-for-word.  Or my 10-year JAG habit where I'd tape the show while it was airing, then immediately watch it again, then go through it again the next morning before school (yes, I realize that might have been excessive... that's why they call me "Jaggy," but hey, I grew out of it, right? just don't look at my current Netflix queue).

This weekend, The Man made the terrible mistake of informing me that he'd never seen Miss Congeniality.  I promptly sat him down and force-fed him all 109 minutes of GracieLou Freebush and her desire for world peace.  His first time through, my 30-something-th time through.  I like rewatching movies.

Each time I watch Band of Brothers, I get something different out of it.  The first time I was just in awe.  The second time I really learned the nuances of the miniseries.  The third time was for the beauty of the film.  The eighth and ninth times... maybe I'll learn something different or see something I missed.

I sat down Friday night and started watching an old A&E series, The Cleaner, with Benjamin Bratt.  Nevermind that he's totally droolworthy, it was a really good show.  Great subject matter, awesome writing, very good acting, and a hook that could keep shows going for a long time.  A&E was just stupid to let the show go.  (And Private Practice was very smart to pick Bratt up.  That elevator scene between Jake and Addison a week ago? I was weak in the knees!)

I like rewatching.  I guess it sort of helps me remember who I was the first time I saw a movie and helps me to realize who I am now.  Also, if it was good the first time, it's going to be just as good the second time.  JAG hasn't let me down yet. ;)

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Jules said...

Love Miss Congeniality :) I've rewatched Sabrina, PS I Love You, and Persuasion so many times I can't count. My husband rewatches Hunt For Red October regularly. I'm sure he has others too ....