Monday, April 16, 2012

I Discovered Hulu. I'm Doomed.

I am not advertising for Hulu when I say this, well not intentionally anyway.  I get on these kicks where I watch everything by a certain actor all at once, and I am coming off a seriously Johnny Depp bender.  He was in 21 Jump Street in the '80s, and that whole serious is available on Hulu for free.  I was able to watch hours upon hours of free pretty-good-quality streaming TV shows that I can't even remember when they were airing.  Yeah.  It's sort of a headrush for me.

What you don't understand is the amount of TV I've consumed in my few years on this tiny space rock.  Also on Hulu are some shows I grew up watching and totally forgot about: Silk Stalkings, Doogie Howser MD, Magnum PI, and loads of other shows.  I get to relive my very early childhood.

The Man thinks I'm nuts.  He doesn't watch TV and certainly never consumed TV like I have.  He comes in the room when I'm watching Rob Estes capture bad guys or Tom Selleck being all handsome and goes off saying my shows are trashy or bad or old or just plain stupid.

I'll admit, sometimes the shows are funny when they show how dated they are.  It's great seeing cameo appearances by actors that were then very new and are now very famous.  And it's neat to see how actors have changed.  It's fun to see how I've changed since I watched these the first time.

Hulu is awesome.  I love free things.

Also, Johnny Depp benders?  Better than pints of ice cream washed down with chocolate.

I think I'm doomed.

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