Monday, April 02, 2012

I'm an Accessory to Something

Maybe it's because I didn't have the money to spend on frivolous things.  Maybe it's because I didn't understand how it all works.  Maybe it's because I didn't have a goal in mind, a prescription for what I needed or didn't need, a sense of how it could all come together.  Whatever the case, accessories have been on my mind lately.

Excusing the fact that the vast majority of my life has seen me in one form of fashion disaster or another, I like to think I can clean up pretty well.  That is to say, when I do make an attempt at looking all girly and made up.

(What do you mean polar fleece isn't formal!?)

Since Mr. Wonderful slid this little ring thingy on my finger a few years back, I've changed my attitude about all things sparkly.  I absolutely love my wedding ring.  I recently acquired a few other rings to wear on my right hand.  I wear a necklace all the time.  Even my watch went through an upgrade a couple months ago.  That's some serious branching out.  I've been careful to not spend a lot of money on these things, though I very easily could have spent far too much.  I've always been of the thought that accessories should not define a person but rather highlight the best parts of a person.

Take my sunstone earrings for example.  I didn't get them because they spoke to me: I got them because they speak of me.  They're Oregon sunstone, and I'm an Oregon girl.  They're not ostentatious, not ordinary, but also not common.  I'm not like them, they're like me.

I have been searching online a lot trying to find accessories that might work for me, that fit what I consider my style, that adhere to my rule form follows function and are not terribly expensive.  I am liking this medallion right now, and I'm pretty sweet on this ring.  I have learned that I prefer vintage or antique rings, specifically the art deco style, or rings with marcasite.  When it comes to bangles or bracelets, I tend to like things that can be sized to my wrist like leather cuffs or linked bands where the links can be removed.  Necklaces are easy for me since I just look for pendants to swap on and off the same box chain.  I could get into wearing hats very, very easily as well.  I love the fedora style, and this brown trilby would be gorgeous with the right jacket.  If I ever had a windfall of money, this sinamay hat would be high on my list.  Why did this ever fall out of fashion?  (I swear I was born a century too late sometimes...)

I'm in search of accessories.  What are your favorite accessories, and how did you come by them?

Editor's note: I've started a Pinterest page called "My Style and Wish List."  You can see all of my favorite accessories and fashion plans there.

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cm0978 said...

I can see you in the sinamay and the boucle hat. They would go great with your hairstyle and face shape. I haven't found a hat that works on me. I hear that my ring is supposed to be done soon, so that is my new accessory.