Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm a New Woman

I got my hair cut yesterday.  It's slightly shorter than I usually get it cut, but that's just fine.  I like it up off my neck and jaw so that my necklace chain doesn't grab at it, and I don't have to try to hold it back when I'm brushing my teeth.

I repainted my nails.  My first color was a pretty turquoise, but I opted for a more vampy plum this time.  It looks quite a bit darker on my nails than it does in a lot of those pictures.  I bought three more colors, too, that I'm very excited to try soon: Merino Cool (a light purple-grey), Aruba Blue (deep, dark, shimmery blue), and Over the Edge (dark metallic silver).  It would be safe to say I'm less interested in french manicures, natural looking nails, or ballet pink nails.  If I'm going to go to all of this trouble to paint them, they're going to have color.  They're going to look painted.  And I'm going to have fun.

I also ordered a ring yesterday, but it hasn't arrived yet.  Though I was a fan of this ring first, The Man and I both agreed that this ring would be more appropriate for my finger size and comfort.  I'm really excited to have a piece of jewelry that isn't blingy and fits my personality, plus the price was very good.  Can't ask for better.

Between all of these little things, I'm like a new woman.

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