Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jesse Macht

The Man makes fun of me for never listening to new music.  In truth, I don't often listen to music.  It's not that I don't enjoy listening, but I am not often in a position to really listen.  I want to be undistracted when I listen, and the times when I'm not working, cooking, cleaning, watching TV or movies, or playing my own music are rare.

Plus I can't be mentally bothered by music when I'm dealing with words.  I think the two, music and words, take up the same space in my head.  The Man reads and listens at the same time.  I can't do that.  I just can't.

However, I was surfing YouTube recently when I came across this amazing artist.  Jesse Macht blew me away!  That's saying something, considering how rarely I find new musicians that even cause me to pause.  His songs are now earworms for me, on the spin cycle in my head as I go about my day.  I have to give him credit for vocals that are easy to understand (I hate slurred lyrics), and I haven't found any offensive language (generally a turn-off, I can get that elsewhere).  He's also playing or singing music that isn't quite like anything else I've heard: it's not exactly pop music, definitely not country, not rock music, and it doesn't have a folk sound.  I would only do his music a disservice by slapping a label on it and pigeonholing him into one thing.

Oh, and not only does he sing, but he plays lots of instruments.  It ticks me off when I hear someone refer to a famous singer as a musician when really they're not musicians, they're just vocalists.  You don't sing music, you sing lyrics: musicians play music.  Mr. Macht is a musician that can also sing, something that I definitely noticed and appreciate.

You can see him and listen to his YouTube channel here.  Enjoy. :)

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