Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend (a Bondi Rescue Marathon)

The Man and I celebrated Memorial Day Weekend by getting out and seeing people, shopping, hiking, and plenty of relaxing.  We went up to Woodburn to visit some cemeteries and visit the Columbia store where we both scored big time.  We also just happened to stop at a Roth's bakery for our annual maple bar deliciousness.  *sigh*  After that, we hopped down to visit my parents and help with a small construction project in the backyard.  Mom made an amazing dinner and dessert for us.

Sunday was quiet.  We mostly stayed near home and watched TV or played video games.  On Monday, we got up relatively early and went to Alsea Falls for a long hike.  We didn't get back until mid-afternoon and promptly landed back in front of flickering screens.

In defense of flickering screens, I finished watching all seven seasons of Bondi Rescue.  Talk about learning about different cultures and jobs!  Oh, yeah, and the hot lifeguards... :)  Think Baywatch meets Rescue 911 as a reality show with Australian accents.  It is a really good show, surprisingly, and sucked me in so fast.  If only we got it in this country!

Two-hour Deadliest Catch special on tonight.  Then I'm off the TV until the weekend.  I'm teaching myself some moderation.  Okay, mostly I'm punishing myself for falling so far behind on my quilt.

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