Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stress, Stress, Go Away

The Man and I have been busy busy lately!

I had my website go live at work this week, and it had some seriously issues at first.  My network administrator and I have been working at a breakneck pace to get it fixed and functioning correctly.  It still isn't there yet.  Hopefully the site will be acting properly by the weekend.  Only sixteen months later than I anticipated... ugh!  A labor of love, kind of, and yet so incredibly frustrating!

In addition to other work things that are stressful, The Man and I have formally begun our house hunt.  We're working with a realtor, have been pre-qualified by more than one bank, and have researched our mortgage options.  We took some home-buying classes last fall, and we've diligently been saving for a down-payment for many months.  Unfortunately we don't think we'll be able to find a house in our town in our price range (ugh, Corvallis officially sucks for being more expensive than Portland!).  And we've had to face some very hard truths when it comes to finances and what we can afford when we have children.

We found a great house on our very first trip out searching, but it was just too good to be true.  Even though we could afford it, and the house was absolutely amazing, it was actually too nice.  The house isn't even finished being built yet, and it is "nicer" than what our parents own (if you like those upgrades, which I could give or take).  The fact that the house is quite a ways from town didn't sit well.  We are also looking at selling any house we buy at some point, and the house had some oddities that we didn't mind, but those things make selling the house later a potential headache.  Mostly hunting for houses hurts my head.

So we keep looking.

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