Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vacation to Sisters, Oregon

I had a very long post written detailing the adventures of our recent vacation to Sisters, Oregon, but unforeseen technical difficulties are preventing me from retrieving that text.  I will attempt to give you the highlights in sixty seconds or less:

The Man and I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday vacationing in Sisters with his parents and brother.  We stayed in a vacation house owned by other people who were not present.  On Friday, we visited the High Desert Museum (my second trip there).  We ate out that night at the Three Creeks Brewery (terrible service, not good food).  On Saturday morning, we hiked around Suttle Lake and found a geocache not far from the lake's edge.  We picnicked there after our hike, then went back to our vacation house for a quiet afternoon of games, shopping in town, and cooking dinner.  Saturday night included some overpriced ice cream (sorry, it wasn't that good) and two more geocaches.  On Sunday, we popped out to get some pretty decent donuts before driving out to the Head of the Metolius River (water coming out of a crevasse underneath some bushes).  We left around noon for home.

High point: hiking around the lake
Low point: mosquito bites incurred while hiking around the lake (ten bites on my two arms, all below the elbows--the gift that keeps on itching for days)

Best food: taco dinner we made at home
Worst food: juniper sauce chicken at the brewery which tasted like a cross between cat litter and blue raspberry tabasco sauce on cardboard chicken slabs (at least that's how I'd imagine cat litter tasting)

Happiest thought: The Man and I made it through the entire vacation including packing and unpacking without bickering, scolding each other, or any meanness whatsoever.  Not that we're usually mean to each other, but for some reason packing and unpacking are frequently contentious moments for us.

I took lots of pictures which can be viewed on my Picasa Web Album.

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Anonymous said...

How like us when it comes to packing - the days before, we seem to be at each others throats!! Must be the stress - but luckily we always have a great trip when we get started (except for this last trip to TX when Ed fell and bruised his ribs - and in pain the whole trip) But he was a good sport about traveling. So just get through the arguments and enjoy your trips whereever!