Monday, June 11, 2012

Back on the Quilting Horse

As quickly as it was over, my quilting journey has begun anew.  My parents agreed to a new quilt pattern for their king-sized quilt, and we went out to purchase new fabric on Friday.  By Saturday evening, I'd washed, steamed, and starched twelve yards of fabric in twenty-four different colors.  I absolutely love the new colors, and I'm stoked to be working in squares this time (triangles, blech).  I spent Sunday cutting half of the fabric into 4.5" x 4.5" squares.  I was super-duper careful and am confident no square is off by more than two threads in any direction.  If this quilt fails, it will surely not be because my cutting wasn't up to par.

In other news, The Man and I had a go of it this weekend regarding our Netflix account.  He was out of town last weekend and will not return for a couple more days.  In his absence, I decided to watch something on Netflix via the X-Box while I was ironing my new fabric.  His X-Box would not connect to Netflix the first time, but it pulled through and allowed me to watch something on my second go.  Yay!  (Also, I really loved watching Out of the Wild: Alaska and Venezuela!)  Later, when I went to cut the fabric in another room, I tried to pull up Netflix on my laptop.  It usually automatically connects and works perfectly, but this time I had to enter a password to get into our joint account.  The password didn't work once, twice, or even on the sixth time.  I tried every permutation to our passwords I could think of, but it wouldn't let me in.  I thought to myself, "there's no way he would change the password to our account without telling me first, right? right!?"  I finally called Netflix, and the very nice man allowed me to reset our account password.  I immediately changed it back to what it had always been so that I wouldn't have this problem again.  Poof, problem resolved!  X-Box is happy, my phone that plays Netflix is happy, laptop is happy, all good.  Until The Man called and told me he changed the password without telling me.

This, dear readers, is what keeps my world spinning.

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Sometimes they have no clue...