Wednesday, June 06, 2012

On Shower Heads and Short Thoughts

I have complained at length about our apartment maintenance crew, so I won't get into that again.  However, I have noticed a new "man" driving around in the maintenance-mobile golf cart.  If he is old enough to have a driver's license, I apparently need to have my eyes checked.  My only hope is that he's on some sort of juvenile probation where he's working at our complex instead of going to a detention center, because if that's the sort of rabble they're hiring for maintenance, then it has been made more than clear they don't care about quality around here.

Not that I ever had the illusion the maintenance crew considered quality or professionalism...

Anyway.  Shower heads.  This ramble has a point.

We make a few upgrades to any apartment right away when we move in including replacing the fixed shower head with a shower-head-with-a-hose dealybob.  I like the hose for easy shower cleaning, and we both like the shower head we picked out more than the fixed one our apartment came with.  It's as simple as screwing some pipes and hoses together, plus it is easily reversed when we move out.  Easy peasy, right?

Our shower has a super stealthy feature that puts a kink in our plans: the shower arm comes out of the wall and aims just about neck-high on me.  That's just over 5' tall.  The Man and I are both several inches taller than our shower head.  Even with the added height of a shower head standing in a hose holster thing, we barely fit under the stream of water.

If we owned a house, this wouldn't even be an issue.  We'd tear the crap out of the wall and fix the whole problem the right way.  Because whoever put the freaking shower arm at 5' was stupid.

There are these doohickeys that you can buy at Home Depot that extend the height of the shower about six inches, but they won't hold up under the weight of a shower head with a hose.  We tried.  Twice.

So that leaves us with a shower head problem.  And calling the maintenance crew to come screw two pipes together to make the shower arm taller?  I am terrified to think of how they might make it work.

Here's to hoping they don't notice the slight improvement I'll be making tonight with my own little s-curve shower arm found at Home Depot for $15.  It's staying with the apartment, but they can't get mad at me for making something better, can they?

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