Monday, July 16, 2012

The American Dream Realized

The Man and I have been busy, busy, busy little beavers lately hunting for a house.  We have been working with a realtor for several months, and we've been saving for a down-payment since before we got married.  Unlike all of the "kids" our age that we know who own houses, we aren't getting a big hand-out from the government or assistance from our parents to pay for the house.  We're going at it the old-fashioned way, pennies in jars and dollars in the bank.  Getting to the point where we are has been a lot of work and some serious luck, and we're both feeling incredibly blessed.

About two weeks ago, we stumbled across a house that we'd previously turned down looking at even once. We decided to get an appointment and view inside the house.  Stepping inside that first time, we both instantly felt like we'd come home.  We learned early not to fall in love with houses too quickly, but this house sang to us.  It has all of the spaces we want and not much extra--especially with the tiny yard.  We really like the area, the schools, the neighborhood, everything!

We get a house! and a mortgage and bills and yard to keep and appliances to fix and walls to paint and responsibility for our own lives.  We get to leave behind a tiny, cramped apartment with management that is questionable and a maintenance crew that leaves everything to be desired.  We get to leave behind upstairs neighbors who--I kid you not--were going at it loud enough to be heard over our big-budget action movie that we had blaring pretty loud.  (At least she wasn't a screamer like some other neighbors I had once...)

Since the house we're buying is quite new, we won't have many upgrades to make right away.  We need to paint every room, but the carpets look pretty good, and the appliances are actually fantastic.  I'd love to switch out the tile counters for a laminate or Corian surface, but that's a ways off.  Our inspection went well, so we know the house is solid.  There isn't much left to do but wait for the bank to do their thing and the title company to do their thing.

The Man and I will finally be living our part of the traditional American Dream.


Katrina said...

That is very exciting! Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Now you can enjoy home ownership like all of us! (Wonder if the first repair will be the toilet - that has been our experience!) So when do you expect to close - and move in!! Let us know if we can help - clean or whatever!!