Friday, July 27, 2012

Appraised and Closing

The Man and I have cleared one of the last hurdles on our road to becoming homeowners: our new house has been appraised.  Thankfully it appraised above what we're paying, so the bank is satisfied and will give us money to buy the house.  We might even be able to close a little bit earlier than we anticipated!

And the best part of all?  We get to give notice to our apartment complex within the next few days.  Of course, the notice I'd like to give them probably ought to be worded a bit more diplomatically than I have in mind.  I have to let The Man handle most of the correspondence with the management around here lest we be evicted for "intelligence unbecoming a resident."  Not that The Man isn't smart, he is, but he has an ability to make people think he's not speaking down to them.  I? am not good at filtering sarcasm around stupid people.  At all.

Case in point:

I was unloading some boxes from my car last night to take into our apartment.  The boxes are large copy paper boxes, you know, the clean ones with lids that are perfect for moving.  Our maintenance gang was out roaming the parking lot in their golf cart when they noticed me hefting boxes inside.  These goons have both been inside our apartment several times helping to "fix" things.  I've had lengthy conversations with both of them--more than enough to realize they don't have a whole lot going on upstairs.  "You moving in?" one quizzed me.

This was when my filter apparently broke and wouldn't allow me to ignore the response bubbling up inside, "Nope, just collecting boxes for the homeless."

"Oh, well, we have an empty apartment near yours if you'd like to use it to store the boxes for the homeless for a while."

"Uh, oh, oh good, I'll have to keep that in mind, thanks."

And you wonder why I want to move!

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