Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Creepy Drive

As The Man and I have been house hunting lately, we have learned that one question inevitably arises: where?  Some people ask because they are simply curious.  Some people ask because they don't know what else to say.  And then... then there are the other people.

"So where are you looking for houses?"
"Around town."
"Which town?"
"Uh... this town."
"Oh, north, south, west...?"
"All around."
"Oh, well where exactly?"

This question is even more annoying when someone doesn't know the area and still wants to know exactly where we are looking.  We have looked at several houses in North Albany, and most people are not familiar with that area outside of what they can see from the highway along the river.

"Where in North Albany?"
"North of anything you know."
"Well that doesn't tell me anything.  How close is it to Ray's?"
"North of Ray's."
"Well I don't know what's north of Ray's."
... *raises eyebrow*

My least favorite group of people to tell about our house hunt are the people that run straight to Google and try to find the houses on a map.  Worse yet, I've heard of people that actually drive by houses just because they know someone that lives there.  That's just plain creepy.  One step above stalking.  (My own mother does this and it drives. me. crazy!)

It's one thing if someone is driving around looking at houses, especially in an unfamiliar area.  I really like doing this at the coast where all of the houses are so quaint and beach-shack-y.  But to drive by a single house just because you know someone lives there or is contemplating living there (and you have no interest in buying it for them or for yourself)?  Why?

Does not compute.


Dr. Weirdbeard said...

Most people want perspective, usually out of a human interest need. When you talk about yourself, your home frames many of your stories.
"I woke up this morning and..."
"I was out in the driveway when..."
"Every summer I'm out in the front yard doing..." This is typically good-natured, as people want to make a relationship with you and be able to provide greater care through sympathetic comparisons.

On the other hand, nosy people want to size you up. A house is a symbol of your wealth and living conditions, along with how you take care of things. It's about the only thing that overshadows a car, spouse or child, and modifies the other objects. "She drives that car and can't even park it somewhere safe at night. I've heard there's a lot of theft in the area, and everything is falling apart. I dare think the Mister is not providing a good home for those poor children, and I don't know why child services hasn't visited. Even if they get a handle on things, she can't escape her fashion sense - have you seen the color of the house? Hideous!"

Good or bad, it's a status symbol, a point of relative location, and a private thing that cannot be hidden from the public. Share and endure with those you love, use discretion with those you don't!

cm0978 said...

Agreed. I think some people do the comparing thing because they want to make sure they are doing "it" better than the other person. "I keep my house in better shape, my house looks better/is bigger, my child is better behaved/smarter," etc. It's a justification of their choices.

I have often thought of driving past other people's houses (people I know), but I never have the address with me so it remains just a thought!

Some people need to get a more interesting life if they have to Google your house hunting list!