Monday, July 23, 2012

Hop Festival 2012

The Man and I celebrated summer this weekend and visited with lots of his family at their annual reunion in Hubbard, Oregon.  We had a nice time watching the parade in the morning, dining on yummy hamburgers and hot dogs in the afternoon, and spending quality time with loved ones the whole day.

We only had one entry in the dessert contest this year as The Man was not interested in submitting a dessert.  I entered some chocolate-covered Oreos that garnered a second-place win, although the competition was pretty slim this year.  I didn't even have a plan until just a few days before the event.  Perhaps next year we could have a theme like "food decorated to look like other food" or "secret recipes" where people make their family's secret recipe desserts (not sharing the recipes, of course).  Maybe that will entice more entrants.

The beautiful summer day was perfect for my Great Idea of the Week.  I researched a little about how to paint faces last week, so after a trip to the craft store for supplies, I had everything I needed to make little faces much, much more colorful.  I had a very small and rather inexpensive set-up, but the quality of the paint was excellent, and the patience of my young crowd was fantastic.  I practiced painting my own face the night before just to test the texture of the paint and application feel, so my full-face painting of a skull was purely experimental.  The skull turned out surprisingly well, good enough that The Man was startled by my appearance.  He was a willing first subject on Saturday, so I gave him some extra thick eyebrows with curls on the end and a dramatic mustache with very long sides that hung down to his chin.  He wore the face paint for the rest of the day (earning quite a few stares when we went out to dinner later).  The girls looked through some pictures I'd printed of examples, then they each sat their turn while I dutifully recreated the image on their cheeks and foreheads.  Though I wasn't expecting it, I had a fantastic time doing their face painting!  And while I'm no where near a professional, I do have to say their designs turned out wonderfully.  I wish I had taken pictures for you, but I was having too much fun with them to stop and take pictures.

We had to hop south in the evening for dinner out with our close friends, and we also took them out to look at our new house (location, not inside the house as we aren't in possession yet).  They probably won't be able to see the house--or us again--until Christmas at the earliest since they live so far away.  We reluctantly let them return north and went on a stunning country drive on the back-roads as we went home.

Sunday?  I occupied a couch like my life depended on it.

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