Monday, July 09, 2012

We're Baby-Q'n

I have wanted a grill for a long time, and I recently convinced The Man that we needed one.  Okay, so he wasn't convinced as much as I wore him down little by little until he caved.  Gotta do whatcha gotta do.

I researched grills for months.  I compared the benefits of gas and charcoal.  I studied the reviews on grills like I was going to be tested on it later.  I inquired as to what others liked and used.  I looked at different price points, sizes, finishes, and doodads.  I went into the store informed.

There was no sale, no great bargain, no steal of a deal: I paid full price.  But I did get a couple of free propane tanks from Dad since he doesn't like the little ones and has a big tank instead.  So that's something, right?

We ended up getting a Weber Baby-Q 100.  It's a no-frills grill that gets the job done.  Reviews were consistently fantastic, and while it is a little pricey for a small portable grill, it actually has quite a bit of grilling space.  We can easily do burgers for six on it, and I have no problem doing almost two pounds of chicken at once.  There are few hot spots (none I've noticed yet).  The grill is a snap to assemble.  Our only "upgrades" were the $50 stand accessory and a $3 grill brush, but the stand makes the grill even more portable (and easier to lock up at night outside our apartment).

I've made chicken twice already.  The first time I made very plain chicken breasts, just garlic and pepper.  They were so moist!  The second time was a bit more fussy with extra spices and a quasi-marinade made out of a little olive oil and lime juice.  After cooking the chicken, I cut it up into strips and made lime-pepper tacos.  Delicious!

I'll be grilling up some steaks this week, and I have lots of plans for more chicken.  Cooking outside keeps the heat out of our apartment, plus it's super healthy (if you use lean meat without added junk).  This could be one of the very best purchases I've ever made!

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