Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Boxing up Life

The Man and I assembled nearly fifty more boxes last night.  I took a solid hour to pack up all of my craft supplies, half of our bathroom, and two or three large boxes of stuff.  We seem to have a large quantity of the stuff.

Every time I move to a new house I feel like a hoarder.

I take stock of each item as I put it into a box.  Do I really need four colors of string and two full baskets of ribbon?  Do I absolutely have to take the old teddy bear to the new house?  Can I live without the box of crayons?  When was the last time I really wore that jacket?

Try as I might, I am unable to toss out the ribbons and string, my favorite teddy bear, and the much-loved box of crayons.  Of course I don't need them to survive.  They don't make the "end of the world" list.  But we're moving into a house with more space, and I have a nice set of useful ribbon and string that I won't have to run out and replace next time I need to embellish a project.  That teddy bear might not help me right away, but as we have children in the near future (don't even think about it), it might come in pretty handy.

Books are definitely our biggest hoard.  I've already filled twenty large boxes with books, and we have some stragglers on our nightstands and desks that haven't been packed yet.  We both know we "should" get rid of some, but we also know we can't start a library in one of our extra bedrooms without a substantial quantity of books.  Plus we both feel really smart looking at all of those books knowing we plowed through them and absorbed the knowledge and adventures contained within the pages.

Tonight's packing includes most of the kitchen, much of our closets, and hopefully a bit more of the other stuff.  Wednesday night is the last of our clothing, the kitchen, and office junk.  We'll hopefully make a trip to Goodwill that night and relieve ourselves of more stuff.  Thursday night should hopefully see us beginning to clean in our new house, and we move on Friday!

If I work hard enough, I can be functionally unpacked Friday night.  Baby steps, I keep reminding myself, baby steps.

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