Monday, August 06, 2012

I'm Melllllting!

Is it hot in here, or is it me?

Seriously, folks, I am not cut out for warm weather.  I have an affinity for weather on the cool, wet, and grey end of the spectrum.  The Man and I knew we'd be in for a warm ride over the weekend, so we made arrangements on Saturday to go spend the warmest hours with my parents in their air conditioned house.  Sunday, however, saw us at home trying to get stuff done.  It was over 80° inside by noon.  We cleared 85° just two hours later, and we had barely moved.  At that point, how much hotter can it get, right?  That's what I was asking myself as I set out to do some kitchen chemistry and cooking.

How much hotter? I was pushing the inside temperature very, very close to 90° by 5:00pm.  It was the same temperature outside.  I have never actually had sweat rolling down my back before, but I reached that point. I had sweaty knees.  I had sweaty eyelashes.  Yeah.  I was pretty much melting.

But I was productive!

I have been researching some homemade cleaning chemicals after watching the documentary Chemerical on Netflix.  There's some good science behind not inhaling toxic fumes and effectively cleaning with non-toxic substances.  Also, I'm told it is cheaper.  My math didn't substantiate the cheaper end, but I quite like not coughing and wheezing when cleaning up anymore.  With our move into a new house soon and the fact that I was running low on most of my chemical cleaners anyway, it makes sense to jump into safer products.

I made a floor cleaner for my Swiffer-type mop (I have the Rubbermaid one with cloth heads that I looooove), and it did a fantastic job!  I was really surprised how well the cleaner worked.  Next on my list was homemade dishwasher detergent, and it seems to work pretty well.  I'm not sure if it will etch my silverware over time, but everything came out super squeaky clean and not spotty, so I think it's a good start (plus that recipe actually saves a LOT of money).  My all-purpose spray and shower spray came last, and while I think they are effective, they are not cheaper than commercially available [toxic] products.  I still have to try the shower spray in the shower, but it made my sink shine!  All of these products plus one homemade lemon body scrub came together in under half an hour including testing.  The apartment only smelled vaguely like vinegar for a little bit, but I'm learning how to appreciate that scent.

Then I set out to make some frozen meals.  Because apparently I like being hot and sticky in the kitchen.  Ugh.  I made a big pot of pasta, grilled up a bunch of chicken, and stewed some homemade tomato sauce (tomato chunk free, of course).  A bit of all of the items went into one of five sandwich-type containers and headed into the freezer.  I also made little cups of frozen broccoli.  Now I get to have my own homemade versions of those Healthy Choice lunches, plus mine have no preservatives or weird chicken parts or overcooked pasta.  The cost was about a break-even from the sale price of the commercial frozen meals, but my meals are a bit larger.  Also?  No weird tomato bits or excess sauce.

It was around this time that I concluded we needed to have ice cream for dinner.  So we did.

I am ready for winter.  SO ready.

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