Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jaggy and The Man: Homeowners

We did it!  We signed papers today!  We just have to wait for the funds to transfer tomorrow and for the deed to record, and we're officially homeowners!

After an agonizing wait for the lender to figure out what was going on and the title company to get the paperwork together (three days of mind-numbing torture, I swear), we were able to sign today at 4:00pm.  It was sort of a very-last-possible-minute ordeal, but everything went smoothly at signing.

Everyone I talked to said we'd be signing a stack of papers "this big," indicating with their finger and thumb spread three inches.  We only signed about twenty times and initialed maybe thirty, so it was much, much less painful than I expected.  Our stack of papers was barely over a quarter-inch thick.  Difficult or annoying I think not.

This time tomorrow we'll be sitting in our own house.  Holy freaking crap.  Finally.

Any suggestions on what we should do first in our new house?  Does he have to heave me over the threshold?  Should we have a carpet picnic?  Do we pee in all the toilets?  Do we light a candle or perform some sort of ritual?  Should we put our first dent in the wall or scratch the paint or scorch mark on the counter?  What would you do?


Everyday Obscurity said...

Hooray!! We are SO EXCITED for you both!!

Jules said...

Take a picture :)