Monday, August 13, 2012

Last Weekend of Apartment Life

It was 85° in our apartment for most of the weekend.  We have been sleeping poorly because of the heat.  I'm so incredibly over summer that I was dreaming about snow.

The Man and I had a quiet last weekend in our apartment.  We spent some quality time in front of the TV on Friday night catching up on the Bourne Trilogy so that we were ready to go see The Bourne Legacy on Saturday.  The movie was pretty good.  I won't review it here except to say it was pretty good.  We had a nice dinner out with my sister, her husband, and The Man's brother.

On Sunday, The Man went to Salem with his brother.  I stayed home by myself all day and had a great time papercrafting.  I made some little paper figurines that are super cute.  I now have all of the Avengers and Batman hanging out on my desk at work.  They fit right in with the ten crab fishermen paper figurines, and my cubeecraft creatures.  It would be safe to say I have a whole pile of geek going on in my office.

Later last night, The Man and I were feeling pretty overwhelmed with offers of help for our upcoming move to our new house.  That seems like such a high-class problem to have, abundant free help, and I feel so icky being frustrated by it, but it is a huge challenge for us logistically to get organized and plan to keep people busy when they are available to help.  We spent two hours just trying to figure out what we need help with, what we want to tackle ourselves, and what we need to get done in what order.  We've had to toss out any notions of painting or cleaning carpets before we move since we won't get our keys early, and while it will be nice to move in a day earlier than we anticipated, all of our packing has to happen very quickly.  All of the pressure of moving on top of the fact that we haven't even signed any papers yet to buy the house!  We'll make it, though, one box at a time, and with a carefully coordinated army of much appreciated helpers.

I'm counting the hours until we get our keys.  Not weeks or months or sometime later, hours.

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Lockwood said...

My cat has been very distant the last few days, and it occurred to me last night, that with our cool summer last year, this is the first time he's had to deal with prolonged heat.

I don't think he appreciates it any more than I do, and it's supposed to get worse through Thursday. At least it cools down at night.