Friday, August 24, 2012

Painting and Planning

I knew painting our new house would be a chore, but I had no idea how much my arms would hurt.  Our downstairs half-bath is progressing.  I've done the cutting in once, rolled three times, and will do the second layer of cutting in tonight.  I think I'll need one more layer all over everything again since our white paint isn't covering the denim blue color very well.  We shelled out big bucks for the Behr Ultra, so I'm a bit disappointed we'll need four coats of white paint to hide the blue.  Hopefully things will go faster in the living room and kitchen where we're repainting the same color.  Our bedroom and office will be a nightmare as we transition from dark blue and a medium purpley-taupe to a light grey, so I'm not really looking forward to those rooms.

We are on the market for a new dining table.  This has been a most difficult and frustrating search as we attempt to locate a relatively simple dining set at a price we like.  It's not that our price range is unreasonable!  It's that what we want doesn't seem to exist.  The trend toward dark stains and deeply colored furniture doesn't jive with our decor, so we're struggling big time on the dining set front.  We're not in a huge hurry, though, so at least we can wait on a great deal.

We got our Costco memberships yesterday.  We are now officially able to purchase insanely huge piles of toilet paper and lettuce and all sorts of things we probably don't need to buy in bulk.  Also, hopefully we will be able to pay for our memberships within the next twelve months.  I'm keeping track for you, have no fear.  We'll see if this pays for itself.

Our new yard hasn't been touched, but I'll try to find time to get out there to do some weeding this weekend.  I also need to get our new custom curtains hung (hanged?) in the living room and master bathroom.  After that, there's cleaning, sleeping, meal planning, visiting, and plenty of other things to keep me busy.

Quilting or crafting?  Pssh, like I have time for those... *whimper

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MissKris said...

I lost my blog links several months ago but have spent so little time at my blog that I'd kind of 'lost' you for a while, as well as several others. I need to create a place where I keep a list of my links so when this happens I can 'find' everyone again!!! Anyway, this morning I went to my blog and saw on my Feedjit "Albany, Oregon", which made me think of you, and I did a search on your blog's name and there you were! :-) I got caught up on your main page here and was so excited to hear you have a house now. Congrats! I'm putting you back on my links so I'll be stopping by when I get a chance...after a 'vacation' for a few months from taking care of my grandsons while their other grandma was visiting from Texas, I'm back at it full time again. Life here in Michigan is wonderful and busy!