Monday, August 20, 2012

So Much Space (And No Where to Put Anything!)

Last time I blogged, I was tucked away in a little corner of a tiny apartment.  I could literally reach over and touch The Man as he sat at his desk.  I could turn around and touch my craft table.  The door was two short strides away.  The kitchen was a whopping ten steps down the hall from my desk.

Tonight I am blogging from my new house.  The Man is sitting in the room with me, but he's two arm-lengths away now.  My craft table is eight feet away.  I have a shorter walk to the kitchen, but my bedroom is upstairs, down the hall, turn a corner, down another hall, and past a closet.  I have worn myself out just moving around so much space!

Between these two blogging sessions, The Man and I packed up all of our belongings and moved them to our new house.  I took Thursday, Friday, and Monday off to facilitate this move.  Thursday included hours upon hours of packing boxes.  Thankfully we had enough boxes this time!  We got our keys Thursday afternoon, and I came over to the house around 5:00pm to begin cleaning.  The Man met me shortly after, and my parents joined us later.  The guys went and got the locks all replaced while Mom and I cleaned the garage and kitchen.  It was very hot, and I slept poorly that night.

Friday was the hottest day of the year.  And we moved all day.  I hurried over with a full car load of stuff first thing in the morning.  The Man followed me with his stuffed car.  We unloaded while we waited for our moving army to arrive.  The Man's parents got their first look at our house before The Man and his father left to pick up our U-Haul and start loading it.  Mom came over a bit later, and all three of us ladies set out on an epic cleaning frenzy.  We were just wrapping it up and sitting down for lunch when the guys got back with the first big load of the day.  They ate, and then we all unloaded the truck in a crazy-fast time.  Did I mention it was insanely hot?  Yeah.  I had sweaty fingernails.  I had sweaty earlobes.  I... let's just say I was a hot mess for most of the day.  But after everyone left and I gave up trying to kill myself unpacking, The Man coaxed me (generally pointed, and I went running) into our soaker tub.  Best invention ever.  I soaked until my skin wrinkled.  So nice!  Sleep came relatively easy, obviously.

Saturday was blissfully cooler at nearly 90°.  I got up early and started putting together my kitchen and pantry.  The Man huffed and puffed trying to get our wireless network and cable to work.  We both spent entirely too much time listening to Beethoven on hold with Comcast.  We made a trek to many stores to solve little problems.  One thing I learned with this whole moving thing is that I have so much space! and no where to put anything.  Our old solutions for storage don't necessarily work in our new house.  It's such a terrible problem to have, you know, trying to figure out where to put the garbage can in the kitchen.  If only all my problems were so "tough."  We spent more money than we probably should have solving problems, but we got a lot of good solutions.  And paint.

Sunday was relaxing.  I got up early again and set out to clean the garage.  All of our boxes are now neatly organized out there and easy to identify.  The bookcases are out of the way.  The car stuff is in the car pile, and the garden stuff is in the garden pile.  We can get at least one car in there completely, but I'm not sure if we'll ever get both cars to fit.  It's a 1.9 car garage, I tell ya.  Both sets of parents came down to help us celebrate The Man's birthday.  We had yummy homemade ice cream and cobbler.  Our evening was also relaxing as we went out to dinner.  Very little "work" happened in the evening, which was a nice break.

And today was another non-stop-go-go-go day.  I picked out fabric for curtains for two rooms, took stuff to Goodwill, grabbed the last full trunk-load of stuff from the apartment, and met The Man for lunch.  I started painting my first room this afternoon while the Comcast technician was here fixing an outlet.  We located our mail box finally (don't ask, it's not exactly where we figured it would be).  I cooked dinner for the first time here now that I have my pots and pans unpacked.  I also readied supplies to go clean our apartment tomorrow for the last time.

Now I want to go to work tomorrow just so I don't have to work here.  I'm exhausted.  It's such a good feeling at the same time as being a horrible "what have I gotten myself into?!" feeling.  Hopefully I can clean tomorrow night, grab a quick dinner, and get home to start rolling paint in my first room.

We're moved in, mostly.  Phew!

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