Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Brain Melt

Blame the paint fumes for my total lack of blogging lately.  I have almost finished the upstairs guest bathroom.  I hit a very big snag this weekend, but I've recovered and patched everything up (literally, and don't ask).  Hopefully I'll be able to transition into painting the master bathroom by next weekend.  That one will take quite some time as there are twice as many little walls and places to cut in around and such.  I'll be thrilled when we're done painting white over blue!  The Man started helping me with the cutting in around the ceilings as all of the blood draining out of my arms was making me... unhappy.  Or so he says.  Pfft.

We had a very busy weekend visiting lots of family and showing off our house.  Saturday night and Sunday were full of catching up, swapping stories, and generally laughing a lot.  We had great food as well.  Monday was a special holiday day off for both The Man and me, so we decided to spend it together without visitors. We caught up on a lot of shopping and planning for our house and other general chores.

Our to-do list for the house keeps growing.  I wish it was all a "honey do" list, but it has just as many "ugh, do I have to?" items on it.

In non-housing news, I'm super inspired to start making bento lunches again.  I really liked the idea of making my own household cleaners and recently launched myself into making my own powdered HE laundry detergent that smells amazing and is super inexpensive.  So far it has worked perfectly.  I also can't wait for fall and getting tons of apples to dry for lunches this winter.  My poor food dehydrator better get ready because it is going to be working overtime.

There are so many things I want to blog about right now, but I just haven't had a free moment to sit down and pour them out with the quality my readers--you--deserve.  Bear with me, I'll run of out steam soon on the house.  My brain won't let me keep all of this juicy blog material for long.


Linda G said...

where did you find the recipes to make these cleaners and detergent?

Jaggy said...

I did a LOT of research online. I'll post the recipes soon (and pictures if I ever get any taken). Like I said, I have a brain full of things to post soon.