Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Loves, Likes, Dislikes, and Disloves of our New House

About a month ago, The Man and I bought a house.  It is our first house, and we're both thrilled to be living anywhere other than an apartment.  However, we have learned many new and interesting things since we bought this house, and I thought I'd share some of our lessons with you today.

Three Things we Love about our New House:
1. It is ours for better or worse (hopefully better, because worse tends to cost money).
2. The master bathroom with two-seater shower, soaker tub, and dual vanity: LOVE!
3. Having a garage and parking our cars very close to where we live (as opposed to in a parking lot several spaces away from where we would have liked to park, plus only having one dedicated space and having one person always hunting for parking).

Three Things we Like about our New House:

1. The location is great for us, but it is a tiny bit inconvenient to run out to fast food or the grocery store.  It isn't a big deal to stop on the way home or run errands on the weekends at all, but that inconvenience means we have to plan ahead more often.
2. Our kitchen!  It isn't perfect with the tile counters and honey-oak-toned cabinets, but the size is good, and the appliances are pretty good.  I am relearning how to cook on a gas range, one little thing I so dearly missed in our apartment.  Having a pantry is nice, but we're still learning how to arrange things in there.
3. Having a patio and a large front porch is a huge blessing.  Those two things helped sell us on the house, especially the porch.  The Man loves reading outside on his lounge chair, and our neighborhood is so pleasantly quiet (if you ignore the mooing cows and crazy-loud roosters a few blocks away).  The porch and patio are both in shade usually, and we are slowly killing and removing all of the wasp nests around the house, so sitting outside to eat or read will be quite nice this fall.

Three Things we Dislike about our New House:

1. The living room layout is unfortunately quite difficult to plan around.  There isn't a good spot for a couch and loveseat to both be able to view the TV well (and let's just face facts, we don't do "sitting rooms," we do video games and movies and serious screen time).
2. Stairs.  We knew we'd dislike the stairs right away, but they haven't been too bad.  My leg muscles are getting stronger, and my knees only ache if I have to run up and down them frequently.  We have learned to plan our trips up and down the stairs a bit more, and we've discovered the benefit of an "up" basket at the foot of the stairs (if you're going up, look in the basket and take the contents up with you, thanks!).
3. Having so much more to clean has been a learning curve.  It's a first-world problem to have such a large house to clean, so I feel terrible complaining about it, but we more than doubled our square footage and tripled our number of bathrooms.  It's a lot to clean.  It's more work than we're used to.  We're figuring it out, though, and hopefully we'll crest the curve soon.

Three Things we Dislove (hate is such a strong word) about our New House:

1. The paint job the previous owners slapped on the wall.  While their color selection leaves something to be desired, their ability to get paint smeared on every light figures, door knob, and wall plate is impressive.  I've discovered all kinds of paint presents as I clean and prep rooms for repainting.
2. The evil, evil plants in the yard.  Someone decided to plant some Barberry in the yard, and I attempted to reduce the shrub's size, but it attacked me.  The spikes on that plant pierced thick, heavy leather with ease.  I am so not impressed.  If my hack job on those plants don't kill them by spring, they're coming out.  I will not fear plants in my front yard.  Bugs yes, plants no.
3. Speaking of bugs, neither of us appreciate the wasps or their paper nests in our eaves.  We have five paper nests baseball size or larger, and the biggest one is nearly a soccer ball size.  We can't see much activity in the nests, but they just don't need to be there.  We have tons of spray and use it often.  The pressure washer is coming soon, so those bugs better find a new home ASAP.

What things do you love, like, dislike, or dislove/hate about your house?


Jules said...

When we first moved in, the phrase "WHAT were they thinking?!" was heard around here. A lot!

Anonymous said...

I'm in Corvallis so my quiet neighborhood is becoming not so quiet. We also had a rat problem with our 1947 house. Demolished it and spent 11 months building a new one. That, we love :) It's always nice to have a house you designed. That said, my family room is too small to have a TV on the wall and furniture arranged for conversation. I should have fired that designer - oh wait, that was me. My bad :/