Monday, September 24, 2012

Not My 10 Year Reunion

This weekend, The Man celebrated his 10-year high school reunion with over half of his classmates.  With a graduating class of around 30 students, that's a great turn-out.  We spent five hours socializing with old friends and their spouses and reminiscing on a tour of his high school.  I got to see several pictures of my husband as an eighteen year old, and I think everyone can agree he has changed dramatically since then--and all for the better.  While I knew a few of his close friends already, it was nice to meet some of the girls he used to have crushes on and some of the guys that he played soccer with.  It never ceased to amaze me how, even after a considerable length of time, people tended to fall right back into their old roles and remain "popular"--or not.

I also got to see family this weekend.  My sister and I went to visit Grandma and help her celebrate turning 94!  We were able to see our aunt as well, which was fantastic.  On Sunday, I had my parents, sister, and brother-in-law over for dinner and dessert.  I made a crock pot full of jambalaya, and everyone seemed to enjoy that quite a lot.  Three pounds of meat and then vegetables, rice, and spices made for a ton of food, but there wasn't a single grain of rice left.

My sister and I had a good time this weekend doing my makeup in a new way.  I've never felt like I look good with eyeliner on, but she did such a fantastic job that she has changed my mind.  I'm impressed.  I recently discovered the Revlon Lip Butters, a sort of sheer-ish lipstick that feels super smooth and not sticky or drying on my lips.  They've almost converted me from my green apple ChapStick, but not quite.

Between cleaning our house, taking care of a lawn, and putting together an awesome Lego set (more on that later), The Man and I had a great weekend together.

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