Monday, September 10, 2012

On The Hunt

When we were looking to buy a house, we read often not to buy anything until we actually lived in our new space a few weeks.  Sad to say we spent some money on a few things right away that might have been unnecessary or found cheaper elsewhere, but live and learn, right?

On the other hand, we put off buying a nice dining set until we knew what size our dining room would be.  My old $10 printer stand bit the dust in the move (no great loss on some particle board that had functioned as a printer stand for nearly ten years).  And I really wanted a few things for the kitchen like a magnet strip for my knives and a dozen new drinking glasses (we're down three more glasses in the last month alone--blame the ice maker/shooter-outer).

We went to Portland on Saturday to Ikea where we hoped to solve a few of our immediate needs less expensively than we could have around where we live.  The Man still isn't convinced that Ikea has goods that aren't flimsy or shoddy, but we both really liked the look and functionality of the Vika Alex as a printer stand with storage.  He also scored two very cool floating glass shelves for displaying his prized action figures, and I walked out with some very nice magazine boxes for my quilting magazines.  We left the store having spent under $140.  Comparable printer stands with that much storage sell for upwards of $350 at Staples and OfficeMax.  As for the quality of the storage unit, well, if there's ever an earthquake, that thing is going to survive without question!  It is easily one of the most stable pieces of furniture I've ever purchased.

We also made a super fast trip over to a furniture store to hone in on our desired dining furniture, but we didn't make any purchases there.  I've ordered new glasses and my magnetic knife strip thingy, so hopefully we'll be set on those things very soon.  I won't even get started on the hunt we endured for a reel mower, comfortable-but-not-ugly shoes, and garden gloves.

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