Sunday, October 14, 2012

Buggin' Out

The Man and I have discovered we have housemates.  As this was rather unexpected, we are not exactly thrilled.  The only good thing I've noticed is that with the exception of the one eight-legged monster I discovered a couple weeks ago, our new house mates are decidedly less panic-inducing.  I wish I could tell you what the insects are, but I am at a loss.  They look like small maple bugs or boxelder bugs, but they don't have any red on them, and they don't seem to fly.  They are not bed bugs, and I don't think they're any variety of beetle, tick, louse, or roach.  They don't sting and haven't made any attempts to bite either of us.  I have probably killed ten of them in the house this week, all near the front door or in the master bedroom.  We don't store any food uncovered or unsealed, and they don't seem to be attracted to the kitchen for any reason.  The bugs have little triangles on their backs, six legs with antennae just about as long as their legs.  They are all just over a quarter-inch long.  The Man made a large circle around the perimeter of our foundation today spraying for bugs, but we don't know if that will help.  I'm a big fan of keeping all unwanted house guests at the curb.


Anonymous said...

As a long time reader of your blog, I have learned over the years that you do a LOT of research before using any products of any caliber. I know you mentioned other bugs in the past such as wasps and bees and the recent ones. With that, I thought I would offer a non traditional bug killer spray. Formula 409 the house hold cleaner does a great job on taking care of small amounts of pesky creepy crawly critters, and at least in my world I trust if more than nasty pesticides.

Anonymous said...

So it wasn't anything falling apart right after you move in - it's bugs!! Welcome to owning a home!! All kind of surprises come your way. Are they stink bugs? I heard they have been over populated this year. Hope you find a solution to get rid of them.

Jules said...

Post a picture and my personal entomoligist can prob. tell you what it is.