Monday, October 22, 2012

My First Flight!

Taxiing on the runway at Eugene: Las Vegas bound!
Sorry for the absence, dear reader, but I went on vacation to Las Vegas!  I experienced so many things over this last week that I'm going to take several posts to explore everything again.  To start, this post is going to be all about my first flying experiences.

Just popping out of the clouds after take-off (and an hour).
We flew on Allegiant from Eugene, Oregon, to Las Vegas, Nevada on Monday and home again on Friday.  Our airplane was an MD-80 for both flights.  My parents sat in the front two seats on the left side of the aisle, and we sat in the two seats right behind them.  There were three people on the other side of the aisle.  Our airplane was full for both flights as far as I could see.

The clouds thinned out once we reached Nevada.
We went through security in Eugene without much incident.  My zippers on my fleece pullover set off the alarm inside the full-body scanner, so I had to have my shoulder patted down.  The Man had done his hair Monday morning, and his hair gel set off an alert, so he had to have his half-inch hair inspected.  Dad forgot a nickel in a pocket that caused him to get a pat-down also.  Mom was apparently the only one who didn't wear any metal through the scanner.  She didn't get patted down at all.

MD-80: another plane just like ours at Las Vegas' airport
Our flight took off on time, thankfully.  The cabin pressurized quickly as we ascended through the thick cloud layer.  We all realized that the flight was going to be bumpy right away, so nobody was surprised or panicking as we got jostled every five seconds.  It was sort of like riding in a car over a potholed road, nothing too bad.  The plane was very noisy inside, so I wish I'd had ear plugs or something to muffle the engine, air, and people noises.  We broke out of the clouds just before reaching Nevada, so we descended in clear skies over Las Vegas.  I did really well on my first plane trip until we reached Las Vegas.  That's when the pilot turned our jet into a fighter jet and made two very sharp banking turns at what had to be a 90° sideways turn.  I looked out my window and didn't see sky anymore: it was concrete and desert through the glass.  Scary! I went into my happy place and tried to pretend I was just on a roller coaster.  That's about when the pilot turned our fighter jet into a bus for what was apparently a "soft" landing.  I bit my tongue on it, not hard, but enough that I didn't want to do it again.  We screeched to a halt and walked off the plane into Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport.  After a tram ride over to the twelve baggage carousels (that took forever) and a shuttle ride after that to the car rental place, we were on our way to The Strip.

Rain-streaked windows were fun to watch as we descended into Eugene.
Fast-forward to Friday morning about 5:00am, we were back at McCarran for our return flight.  This time I brought ear plugs and an extra fleece to use as a pillow on the flight home.  As we all got up at o'dark thirty, I had no problem zonking out for the duration of the flight.  Though getting through security was more nightmarish, we all went through without incident.  We had a much smoother ride home.

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