Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Painting, Driving, and Almost Dying

Sorry about the silence around here for the last week.  I have a fantastic excuse though!  The Man was out of town last week for business, and I recruited my father to help me paint the office in our house while The Man was gone, you know, sort of a surprise.  I worked late one night and painted my arms off for two nights, so I was super busy.  I even took Friday off to make sure the office was all done and put back together before he got home that evening.  In my few minutes of spare time that afternoon, I managed to also whip the guest bath upstairs into shape.  Two rooms down in one week!

We have decided, after painting the bathroom and office, the downstairs paint is officially done.  We were waiting to bring in our bookcases and books until after we repainted all of the green walls, but since we actually like the color and are very much over painting ten-foot high ceilings, the green is just perfect.  We dragged our bookcases in from the garage this weekend and arranged them in the dining room like our own little library.  Our twenty cases of books came in one at a time as I unloaded and organized them by subject. Our kitchen counter--and we have a lot of it--looked like a used book store for a few hours!  My least favorite part of that book sorting adventure happened about two-thirds of the way through the boxes.  I lifted the lid on what was a box of my most beloved childhood books (Gary Paulsen, I'm looking at you!).  I was digging around in the box trying to wrap my fingers around a stack when something started climbing out of the box right next to my hand.  I saw skinny legs and lost it.  We're talking shrieking, crying, hyperventilating, shaking, full-out panic attack meltdown.  The Man burst into the room, looked in the box, and declared the spider was too big to kill.  I? was gone.  He fetched the vacuum to rid us of our evil roommate (and I later discovered that actually doesn't kill them--so someone had to empty the canister outside immediately).  My precious books sat in the bad box while I calmed down.  The Man helped me empty each box after that, checking all six sides of every book before handing it to me.  *shudder*

We made a fast trip to Portland this weekend to see my college roommate for lunch.  Of course, that also meant a stop at the Columbia Sportswear outlet in Woodburn.  Pretty sure they own us now.  We both love coats and sweatshirts and fleece, though, so our sale items are going to pay for themselves quickly.

I knew having a house was going to make me busier, but I had no idea how busy that would be.

Also, I hate spiders.  Hate them so much!

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