Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Blog Year Retrospective #7

Happy Seven Years to Me!  I get to celebrate a blogiversary again and look back on the exciting things that have happened in my life over the past twelve months.  This year wasn't so much about big events and things but about growth.

And no, The Man and I aren't talking about our expanding waistlines.  Those have--thankfully--been just fine.

We've grown this year.  We have lived a little.  We were lucky enough to both finally find permanent employment and two real incomes.  With that income we have been able to spend a greater amount of time with loved ones in new places (a long weekend in Sisters, Oregon, and a short week in Las Vegas, Nevada, come to mind).  We are also growing much closer to my sister and her husband as they've moved in with us for a short while (we planned this long ago).

We increased our space by buying a house this last summer.  In a mostly painless process after months of penny pinching, The Man and I put down some serious roots and went headfirst into home ownership.  Though neither of us are as excited about painting the interior as we once were, we're determined to get a few more rooms painted before calling it good.  We are loving "our" space and having the ability to change or fix things according to our whim.  We get whims a lot.  Thankfully our whims haven't been too expensive thus far.

With the independence of a house and the responsibility of more income, The Man and I have grown and started thinking about our future.  We're entertaining ideas we haven't had the luxury of considering before, things like saving for retirement, more vacations, and simply saving for children (should we ever find ourselves in that situation).  That independence and responsibility has finally made us feel like adults.  Yeah, at 25 we were both "adults," but neither of us felt it.  We sort of feel it now.  We're adults.

Well, we're adults that watch cartoons, play video games, and eat Kraft Mac like it's going out of style... :)

Our marriage has grown this year as well.  It's not that we're adding to the family as much as that we're finally deepening--or seeing the deepening--of our love.  We bicker and squabble in different ways now and get less frustrated by the same ol' things (or we've just been able to stay quiet better).  We have wisdom now, a few years of ups and downs to rest on, a smattering of experiences that help us know we'll get through things or celebrate things after this.  Our love has grown.

On a personal note, I have grown this last year.  I've branched out into hair dye, nail polish, new makeup, and even bought new earrings!  I've spent most of my life hating all of those things, and being able to open myself up to the accessories as options for me has helped me grow.  I can actually sit down with other women and understand what they mean when they say "no foundation matches my skin tone ever" or "ugh, would you look at that dye job, seriously bad!"  I feel more comfortable in my skin than I ever have, and I'm really glad I feel comfortable with none of these accessories on or with all of them on.  It's less about making myself look better as much as it is just me having fun.

Lots of growth this year, and I'm hoping for even more growth over the next year.  Can you believe this little project I started waaaay back in college is seven years old?  Here's to many, many more!

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