Friday, November 30, 2012

Eight Weeks to Go

The Man and I have had a very heavy week this week, thus my complete lack of desire to blog.  Our family bid farewell to my little (only) sister on Monday as she left for the U.S. Air Force.  She is now completing eight weeks of basic training, and we only have contact with her the old-fashioned way.  Her husband is living with us until she is done with that training and also her technical school training immediately following.  When she returns in the spring, she and her husband will be packing up for a move to her new home on an Air Force Base (we're all hoping for something on the west coast).  With the exception of the few letters she'll have time to write, we're incommunicado for eight weeks.

Meanwhile, on the homefront, our Furballs of Doom have had a busy week attacking or destroying boxes, paper packaging, and a shoelace we attached to a stuffed bird toy.  Eddie and Annie both had "shelter flu" or upper respiratory infections, and we're giving them antibiotics to help them get better.  Eddie was pretty sick on Monday, and he has gone from a docile, kind kitten to a holy terror with claws as he's gotten better.  Annie, his sister, didn't get a sick, but she's even kicked into high gear.  We had some packaging from a Cyber Monday purchase (woot! TV is mounted on the wall now!), and they've gone absolutely nuts playing in the paper.

I researched cat food for more than ten hours this week in the hopes of finding a healthy, natural, and not bank-breaking cat food for them.  Everyone insists on feeding wet food to kittens online, but the veterinarians that I work with (and we have a half-dozen on staff in our department with another thirty or more over at our vet school a couple blocks away) told me not to feed them wet food.  The wet food isn't any more or less "natural" than dry food, and it doesn't prevent tarter buildup on teeth over dry food.  Really, the only difference for the cat is water.  Ours have absolutely no problem draining their bowl each time we put it out, so dry works just fine for us.  Also, the dry food really is more convenient.  We have some cans of wet food that we fed them while they were sick (mixed with dry food), and we put it out as dessert sometimes, but we're going the dry route for day-to-day feeding.  In my attempt to find the "perfect" dry cat food, I found a ton of snooty cat foods promising to cure my cat of being a cat (or something), but the only ones that made sense also cost a fortune.  I had certain criteria: no corn, no wheat, no "animal or meat by-products (see also: hoofs and snouts)," and no other junky fillers.  The only food that really made sense was Orijen cat and kitten food.  The first six ingredients are meats, and the quality is super, super high.  The food is made in Canada, and it doesn't cost much more than the Petco junk we found first, about a dollar more per pound.  Our first attempt at feeding a few bits of kibble to them went well, so I mixed a few pieces into their current food.  So far so good.  We'll transition them off the corn crap soon and hope to see healthier kittens in a few weeks.

Seriously, between playing with Eddie and Annie at night, cooking, cleaning and doing laundry, I haven't had but a few minutes to spare each day.  I fell into bed last night around 10pm completely and totally exhausted.

This weekend should be relaxing.  We have friends coming over tonight to help us socialize our Furballs of Doom.  We might do some Christmas shopping.  And we might even get to sleep some (oh sleep!).

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