Saturday, November 17, 2012

Still Unpacking

I must have awoken this morning with a bit more gusto than usual.  In the last twelve hours, I've managed to tear the house apart and put it back together again.  The Man and I ran our errands in town just before lunch, so after eating, I set out to clean the master closet.  That sounds simple, but we crammed three closets full of stuff in there, so it was an undertaking.  I emptied all but one remaining box of stuff out, sorted piles from other piles, and redistributed piles to new homes.  Now the only things on the carpet are the few things staying on the carpet.  An hour later, sweaty and out of breath, I heaved the last of the cardboard out to the recycling bins.  I think we're now finally, officially unpacked from our move in August.

One thing that has bothered me since we moved in three months ago was the stains in the dining room carpet.  The little dark dots mocked me each time I walked past them.  Our carpet cleaning didn't remove them, so I set out to do some spot removal.  That extra gusto must have paid off, because they're all gone now.  All of them.  Seriously.  And I didn't use any expensive cleaners or toxic junk.  I used a toothbrush to work some baking soda into the stained areas, and then I dotted vinegar over the baking soda areas and made small volcanoes in my carpet.  I stood on some clean, dry rags after that to sop up the vinegar.  Poof!  The stains disappeared.  Any remaining baking soda should just be vacuumed up next time we vacuum.  This method did not remove the stain in our office carpet, unfortunately, but I am pretty sure that's either rust or blood, and there's little anyone can do for it at this point.

Speaking of gusto, I actually started hanging pictures on the walls of our house last weekend.  We have pictures in the downstairs bathroom now, and I have a few hung in the living room.  Hopefully I will get our college diplomas, some other frames, and our Las Vegas souvenir poster hung tomorrow.

While getting all of my many, many tasks done this weekend, I've been listening to old Loveline episodes.  Loveline is a radio broadcast that airs from 10pm to 12am Sunday through Thursdays, and it has been airing for nearly thirty years (1983 was a good year, but I'm totally biased).  I used to clandestinely watch Loveline when it was also a TV show on MTV back when MTV didn't totally suck (being all of eleven years old didn't exactly make me the target demographic or even remotely allowed to watch MTV).  The show--whether radio broadcast or on TV--is a call-in show where people call in and ask the hosts questions about anything, specifically sex, drugs, and all things taboo.  I have no idea why I like listening to this show, but I enjoy the commentary and Adam Carolla's ranting through the 1990s and 2000s.  Dr. Drew Pinsky has hosted the show since the very beginning, and he's the driving force behind the quality of information and help the callers receive.  I especially enjoy the older clips from when I was in, say, seventh or eight grade, and can remember who I was when Adam was going on and on about something happening in the world or how Dr. Drew answered questions about the current health thoughts and trends.  It is just interesting.

Also?  While I don't think we'll go broke on my nail polish habit by a long shot, I think I need to start investing in a storage setup.  I have almost twenty bottles now and no place to put them.  Suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

I used one of those cheap (but pretty) cardboard type photo boxes from Michael's to store all of my nail polish. It works great. I've also seen people paint an old spice rack and hang it on the wall to display the nail polish kind of like they do in nail salons. I'm still in college so the transient nature of the photobox has worked great for me :) But I will probably upgrade to the spice rack idea once I get settled in a house.