Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Man's Yoga Pants

What follows is a transcript (slightly edited for your reading pleasure, but the content hasn't changed) of an actual conversation my husband and I had today over an instant messaging service.  He had found a great deal on two OSU sweatshirts and wanted to let me know that he purchased them.  You have to understand that he's rather secure in his masculinity and that this entire conversation was unprompted and completely unexpected.  Mild swearing, you were warned.

The Man: I found a deal for two OSU hoodies for $33. I got one of each they have (but not the pink one).

Me: Why didn't you get yourself the pink one?

The Man: I don't have any pants to go with it.  My yoga pants split up the ass.

Me: Oh, that is tragic.

The Man: No, that's awesome!  Now I can showcase my sexy panties.

Me: *dying

Yup, this is the man I married.  For better or worse or yoga pants split up the ass.  *sigh


cm0978 said...

So we must assume the yoga pants were pink? And perhaps the underwear also? Perhaps Barbie pink? And YOGA?? Lots of unanswered questions with this post. Much to talk about in the next phone conversation...

Jules said...

I can hardly wait for the next family reunion!