Saturday, November 24, 2012

We Have Been Owned

The Man and I have found new owners for our little home.  We are, once again, tenants.  The only difference is that this time we get to keep our house.  Our owners, demanding as they may be, prefer a life of eating, sleeping, and chasing that darn little red laser pointer that won't stop moving!

After trips to three different shelters, The Man and I found two precious kittens that needed a new home.  I'm still working to get them to hold still long enough for a picture.  Our all-grey kittens are three months old, make very little noise, and seem to like their new home very well.  They are especially fond of their litter box, which we appreciate.  I don't think they're as crazy about the toys we got for them, so we probably won't get any more of those.  Though the cats were named, we elected to change their names right away.  We were originally going for crazy names, but Eddie and Annie seemed just perfect for them.

We wanted two cats so they could play together, and we were keen to get siblings so they would really know each other.  Also, if possible, we wanted cats that are young without being complete babies.  The shelter in Corvallis was clean enough, and they had quite a selection of kittens, but we just didn't fall in love with any of them.  Also, they didn't have many sibling duos, and I'd hate ripping the third one away from the other two.  The shelter near Tangent was pretty bad.  They had a terrible selection of cats--most of them apparently sick--and no siblings.  We decided to go up to Salem Friends of Felines to see if they had any kittens.

Our drive to Salem was rewarded.  SFOF had plenty of cats of all ages, some sibling pairs, and two small rooms of kittens.  The facility was much cleaner than the other two shelters, smelling hardly at all of litter or food.  We held several kittens, none drawing our eye, until we spied Annie asleep on a cat tree.  She awoke and started playing readily, and she also laid down into The Man's arms without hesitating.  Her brother, Eddie, was asleep when we officially purchased him.  He has proven to be a lap kitty even more than his sister.  She's a mighty hunter: he's a mighty lover.

Both of the cats have been microchipped, had all of their vaccines, and been fixed already.  We knew we'd have all of those things done ourselves soon, but it was nice that SFOF just took care of things before adopting out the kittens.  We paid less for the cats through SFOF than we would have paid a vet to do the surgeries and shots, and a shelter wouldn't have bothered with any of it.  And the people at SFOF were incredibly helpful.  They introduced us to cats, knew temperaments and likes for each cat, and really encouraged responsible ownership (making sure we won't declaw, know appropriate discipline, etc.).  What a fantastic experience!

The Man and I have new owners.  We're pretty okay with that as long as they promise to snuggle lots and give us love.


Everyday Obscurity said...

How fun, they sound so sweet!! SFOF is where we adopted from too!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see them!!! I get to be a Grandma sooner than I expected!!! I am excited to hold them and play with them, and spoil them, just what a Grandma should do.