Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

The Man and I are officially Christmas-ed out.  We still have another celebration gathering next weekend, so hopefully a little break will put us back in the spirit of the season.

Between my last post and today, I've been tearing up my kitchen with all of the baking, cooking, and general food mayhem the holidays always bring.  I candied clementine peels (instead of orange peels, and let me tell you, just stick to oranges).  I made gingerbread man cookies and sugar cookies.  I whipped up two quickbreads, an apple steusel and a cinnamon streusel.  And then I made over eight hundred peppernuts.  Because apparently I've lost my mind.

In addition to baking until I dropped (literally, multiple times), I went all-out for Christmas this year and put together Christmas stockings for both sets of our parents.  While we did give out a few gift cards, for the most part, I wrapped real presents for under our tree.  Three weekends full of errands and shopping left me plenty to wrap on several weeknights.  The other weeknights included much cleaning and continued letter writing to my sister (she's in basic training for another month in Texas).

Meanwhile, I have two kittens that demand attention every five minutes.  They have both gained a pound and a half in the last month, so Eddie is now a 5-pounder, and Annie is about 4.5 pounds.  They are eating so much and growing very fast, but we're absolutely in love with them.  Well, when they're being good, that is.

And then there are all of my little projects that never seem to get done.  I made a couple cards from scratch using my Cricut this year, and I hope to have time to get some more pictures taken of our kittens using some new camera equipment I got for my birthday.  I have an office that needs to be cleaned, a craft table that needs some attention, and a bedroom that needs a couple coats of paint.  I won't even get into what I want to do in the backyard.

With any luck, some determination, and good timing, we hope to have an open house in the early spring and finally have people over to see our not-quite-new house!

Now you'll have to excuse me: my pillow is calling for me, and tonight I intend to listen.

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