Sunday, December 09, 2012

I Write, I Think

In my nine-day absence from this blog, I've written more than you can imagine.  However, rather than blog writing, I've been letter writing.  With my sister away in her basic training for the Air Force, our only communication is through letters.  I have been writing a ton, and it ends up in such fine print (trying to cram text into a single page) that she is having a hard time reading the letters.  We're trying to get a letter out from this house every day, but it doesn't always happen.  Sometimes three letters go in one envelope.

Also, I've been cutting fabric to use in my king-sized quilt that is for my parents.  After a six-month break due to moving and settling in, I had to put the quilt on hold.  I finally have my craft stuff situated and ready to go at a second's notice, so I can quilt a little bit or a lot whenever I want.  The blocks are done, and I just need to cut the last of the sashing that will go between the blocks.

The Man got a cold last weekend, and I came down with a cold just a few days later, so I spent Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday on the couch.  While curling up with our kittens was really nice, having to get up every ten minutes to keep them out of, off of, or away from whatever they weren't supposed to be in, on, or around was exhausting.  The Man is all better, and I am just putting up with the last of a tiny cough.

This week is shaping up to be super busy.  I have Christmas card to send out, a house that desperately needs cleaning, a home visit from some insurance lady for a blood and urine test, a quilt to work on, and other holiday crafts that are calling to me.  I think we're doing most of our Christmas shopping online this year, mostly because it's so much faster and easier than going from store to store.  Free shipping is a huge bonus, too, so we're using that as much as possible.

If anyone would like to send words of encouragement or thoughts to my sister while she's away, leave your message in a comment.  I'll include your message in a letter to her (and if you don't want me to post your message here for everyone to read, just let me know--I always moderate my comments).  Every little thing helps, so a quick "way to go!" or "thanks for helping to protect our country" or "don't give up!" is greatly appreciated.  She told us that she wants letters every day, and it's a lot of work to write that much.  I need your help.  She needs our support.

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Anonymous said...

Say thanks to your sister for me. Being able to serve in any branch of the military to me would be an honor. I am unfortunately not able to serve due to medical issues. and in reference to a long time ago post diabetus as some people pronounce it on TV is not fun. So again thanks to your sister and you for putting this opportunity out there for some one like me to Say THANK YOU