Friday, January 04, 2013

Meet Annie

Birth date: August 10, 2012

Breed: domestic shorthair

Coat color: dark grey, no prominent markings

Eye color: yellow to hazel

Favorite place to sleep: on the couch or in anyone's lap, especially Daddy's

Favorite way to be held: perched with her front paws on your shoulder, her chin resting on her paws

Favorite toy: the homemade pink bird on a shoelace or the pink fuzzy thing that dangles from a stick

Favorite way to get in trouble: trying to climb human legs or scratching the carpet

Hidden talent: being extra friendly and making you want to pick her up

Not-so-hidden talent: passing gas while being extra cute

Favorite treat: cheese, but those little store-bought treats aren't too bad

Favorite place to be petted or scratched: on the jaw or neck

Opposed to: getting her nails trimmed

In love with: being the center of attention

Favorite place to chill for afternoon naps: on the couch next to Daddy while he plays videogames