Saturday, January 05, 2013

Meet Eddie

Birth date: August 10, 2012

Breed: domestic shorthair

Coat color: dark grey, no prominent markings

Eye color: yellow to hazel

Favorite place to sleep: in the cat tree or in Mommy's arms

Favorite way to be held: on his back, cradled like a baby human

Favorite toy: homemade fleece green frog (see picture below) or the laser pointer

Favorite way to get in trouble: climbing on the dining table or clawing at the curtains

Hidden talent: purrs very loudly

Not-so-hidden talent: leaving his litter box presents uncovered for all the world to see and smell

Favorite treat: cheese and ice cubes

Favorite place to be petted or scratched: between the shoulders

Opposed to: collars

In love with: food!

Favorite place to chill for afternoon naps: on the big pillow in the tipped-over box in the office


Lockwood said...

Are Annie and Eddie siblings? I notice their birth dates are the same.

Jaggy said...

Yes, they are siblings, and they get along exceptionally well.

Anonymous said...

They are both adorable and so sweet! I would love to spend more time with them!!!