Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pieced and Pacified

From nearly seven hundred pieces to four, my parent's quilt has certainly taken shape.  I have to reduce the four pieces to two before I can begin basting the layers together, but that shouldn't take but an hour now.  Basting with my new basting gun will hopefully go quickly, and I may be able to get the quilting done in a couple weeks.  I can't believe this process has taken so long, but the light at the end of the tunnel is looking so big now!  Yay!  The Man, upon seeing the quilt top in a nearly-final form, commented, "so we're keeping this one and giving your parents a different one, right?"  I think he's in love with the color combination, and I'm thrilled someone else sees the beauty I've been working with for the last eight months.  Whether the final product will be as beautiful remains to be seen.

In order to pacify myself after long stretches at the sewing machine, I've taken up watching movies with a bit more passion lately.  Last weekend included a ten-hour documentary (broken up into two- and three-hours chunks).  If you enjoy adventures and seeing more of the world, I highly recommend Long Way Round and the sister documentary Long Way Down.  Search for them on YouTube ("Long Way Round Part 1" is a good way to start).  Absolutely amazing story about two motorcyclists riding around the world, good camera work, and a hearty amount of determination make for a fun documentary.  I am starting the series over again just to watch the scenery this time.

Also, I get to have my first unmonitored, uncensored, unbridled conversation with my sister tonight for the first time in nine weeks.  There will be giggling.  :)

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So have you got pictures to share? Would love to see it.