Sunday, February 03, 2013

Basted and Wasted

The king-sized quilt continues to take shape.  I reduced the quilt pieces from four to two on Friday, and then I spent yesterday ironing, preshrinking, and otherwise flattening the muslin backing and batting.  I laid out the quilt layers yesterday and trimmed them up a bit before whipping out my fancy new basting gun.  Rather than safety pinning the entire quilt, I thought I'd give the basting gun a try and see just how well it works.  Four hours later and nearly a thousand tacks later, I had my answer: awesome.  While my arms and hands hurt from hauling a ton of fabric and batting around and from squeezing the trigger on the basting gun, I couldn't be more pleased with the quick work.  The gun was much faster than pins and way faster than needle-and-thread basting.

But four hours spent on my hands and knees did nothing good to my shoulders and back.  I ached last night and had a hard time sleeping.  Today, my left shoulder has informed me that it is going on strike until better working conditions can be found.  My right hand joined in with the want for less trigger fingering and more remote control clicking.  Apparently my whole body got quite the working just from quilting.

And let me tell you, I broke a sweat three times yesterday just quilting.  Methinks I might be taking things a bit too seriously!

So after I get my needle swapped for a fresh one, the walking foot installed, and a few test bits sewn, I'm going all in on the actual quilting bit of this quilt.  Finally.

Here's to not messing it up now, to having the determination to finish the job, and to not injuring myself further in the process.

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