Friday, March 08, 2013

Not that I Need Another Show...

After finishing my massive quilt project last weekend, I took several days off.  I didn't move from the couch. No laundry, no dishes, only trips to the kitchen and bathroom as necessary for survival.  You think I'm kidding?  I discovered a new series, Doc Martin, on Netflix last Thursday night, and I watched all five seasons in seven days.  Yeah.  Really.  Everyone kept asking me what my next project was after the quilt, and honestly, I just want to sit and watch things rather than be doing, doing, doing things.

The show has been popping up as a recommendation from Netflix for quite some time due to my having devoured all of Eddie Izzard and Craig Ferguson's material there, not to mention my lingering Ewan McGregor interest.  I passed on the show several times, but finally, with such a long weekend with nothing pressing, I gave the first episode a try.  Before I knew it, the first season had passed.  If you haven't given Doc Martin a try, do so.  It is sort of the British equivalent of House or a less deadly version of Diagnosis Murder.  It isn't as funny to my terribly American mind as it might be to the British mind, but I sort of like subtle humor and the doctor's unique approach to life.  The drama is excellent, and I must say I have been very impressed with the realistic medical situations.  Smart, sweet, and fun, I am in love with Doc Martin.

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