Sunday, April 28, 2013

Getting my Motivation On

The Man and I were hard at work in our yard again this weekend.  He finished edging and mowed again, and I planted twelve new plants after removing countless weeds and two huge grass mound thingies.

Seriously, who plants "ornamental" grass?  Unless we're talking regular fescue-type grass called a "lawn," I don't really see the point.  Just plant flowers already.  Lame!

I stuck two bleeding heart plants in the ground on the shady side of our house to help control water runoff.  They should do pretty well there, especially when I find some ferns to go with them.  I can't wait to see them take off like I know they will and produce those beautiful arms of pink flowers.  Hopefully they will be happy in their new home.

Stepables in our weird little no-man's-land
In our front yard, we have the ugly sprinkler boxes and I think an electrical box or something sticking out of the ground.  It is near the property line and looks unsightly  so it's a bad place to plant anything in the first place.  As much as I would like to hide the whole area with a Japanese maple, I don't want to have to tear the maple tree out if someone needs to get to the electrical box or water shutoff.  Instead, after grubbing out the two grass mounds (complete with snails inside--eew), I planted ten Stepables.  These are little plants that, once established, can actually be walked on without damaging them.  A few of the plants I got are creepers, but they can't possibly be more invasive than the junk grass we have spreading everywhere.  I wouldn't mind having less grass and more non-mowing stuff.  Mom has some and says they're really easy to trim back.  The non-creepers are simply little plants that just don't get very big.  I am excited to see those grow out a bit and cover the area to prevent more weeds.

Also, I am SO over weeding this year.

Between last weekend and this weekend, we've spent about $100 on our yard (not including a brand new cordless string trimmer--that we got on sale plus another 10% off!).  With the almost 40 hours of work so far this spring between three people and the hours spent planning and dreaming, at minimum wage, we've elbow-greased another $500 into our yard.  I was comparing the before-and-afters from last summer when we bought the house, and it's an amazing upgrade.  Our four rhododendrons are almost ready to explode, so then we'll get a ton of color and amazingness for a couple months.  Yay!

Look, Mom, I can do yard work!
One of the first things we did when we moved in was put up our flag.  We got an all-weather flag and fly it 24/7 unless it is really stormy and windy (then it goes in our garage to hang dry).  We have a little spotlight on it so it is lit at night (as is proper).  We were the first to put up a flag in our neighborhood, and now there are four beautiful flags on our side of the street between our block and the next.  We started a trend!

I think I can finish up the last little bit of killing/pulling grass and spreading bark dust one night this week.  After that, we just have the backyard to completely overhaul.  No big deal.  *runs screaming in the other direction*


Anonymous said...

There's something theraputic in pulling weeds, mowing, edging, planting - and seeing the results look so pretty. I love doing my yard - am anxious to get flowers planted. Have peas coming up - strawberries are blooming and bought 2 tomatoes and 2 cucumbers to plant later when ground is warmer. So enjoy your yard and the process.


Everyday Obscurity said...

Looking good!!