Sunday, April 21, 2013

In one ear, and blowing out the other

I knew that my cold last week had one more trick up its sleeve.  I was mostly convinced the head cold would turn into a chest cold as I had that annoying tickle down the back of my throat.  Thursday night, however, I reassured myself that this thing was really over except the last little bit of mucus hanging in my sinuses.

It could be argued that I get the ability to effectively clear my sinuses from my father, but neither of us will admit to the volume our technique produces.  Let's just say we have trouble blowing our noses quietly.

After my shower on Thursday night, I blew my nose.  I didn't blow terribly hard or more forcefully than I have been blowing it over the course of my cold.  Apparently I did something differently because I heard a loud POP! Pssssss! Krrrrrrsssss! Scrugyscrugyscrudgy noise, and I could feel air coming out of my ear.  I also had a massive headrush feeling as the pressure in my sinuses and ears all normalized.  Then I got really dizzy for a few minutes.  It scared me at first, but then I realized I had blown my eardrum apart.  It hurt at first, but that went away pretty quickly.

Since there really isn't anything anyone can do to fix my pierced eardrum and I can hear fine, I am not going to see a doctor about it.  I haven't had any pain after the first few minutes and a dull ache the next day.  I can hear a little whistle or crackle sometimes when I blow my nose really hard--which I am trying not to do.

One last little "hey, I'm still here" from that evil cold.  Now it can be gone for good, and my ear will heal on its own in a few weeks.  ARGH!

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