Friday, April 12, 2013

Old Spice is for Women Too

After years and years of talking myself out of it, I took the plunge today and bought myself some Old Spice deodorant.  That's right, I am a woman, and I am wearing a man's deodorant.  Stop the presses.

There were two factors that led me to such a decision: scent and marketing.

My dad wore Old Spice Classic aftershave when I was younger.  Combined with the smells of metal, grease, and wood, his "Dad" smell was so incredibly comforting.  I've tried many times over the years to find an equivalent female product, but all of the deodorants and perfumes are decidedly fruity or floral.  I don't dislike fruity or floral scents on principle, but I can't stand how they smell on me.  I also don't like the idea of smelling like food or a garden.  An orange should smell like an orange, not a person.  I finally convinced myself, "you know what, I like the smell of Old Spice, so that's what I'm going to wear."  It's my money, my deodorant, and I'm the only one wearing it, so screw what anyone else says.

After doing some digging, it seems I am not the only woman out there to make this decision.  Many of the product reviews of the deodorant I settle on were actually written by women saying how much they loved the scent for themselves.  I learned that Old Spice was originally marketed to women, and only lagging sales and some clever marketing turned the scent over to men. 

Furthermore, I had to determine the exact line between a "man's" product and a "woman's" product.  Why is Old Spice only for men?  If a man uses a tampon to stop a nosebleed, is he using a "woman's" product, or is he simply using a product?  If a woman sleeps in boxer shorts, is she sleeping in a "man's" underwear, or is she sleeping in her own shorts?  I'm not saying advertisers and branding people are doing anything wrong targeting a specific audience.  It just strikes me as ridiculous that anyone would tease someone for wanting to wear a [widely available and commonly worn] scent.

The Man even commented that the scent I chose, Komodo, is a rather gender-neutral scent.  He likes it on me, and I love it.  So there.  Old Spice is for women too.

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